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App Development Is One Of

The LEAST Important

Steps To Success.
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Execution is more important than the idea.

The idea is important, but many people have probably already had it.

Fewer people have taken this step and contacted an app development firm.

Fewer still have commisioned an app.

But nobody has executed it properly - or you wouldn't have gotten this far.

A better path?

Even though all apps are different - we have come up with a formula to success. This formula  doesn’t start with app development at all, it starts with working with you to come up with a business and marketing plan for the app.

To make an app successful you need to

  • Generate buzz before launch
  • Identify early adopters
  • Ensure the app is meeting industry / user demands
  • Often promote to multiple users and groups (such as a business that will use the app, and patrons that use the app as well)

Creating an app is creating a business.

Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes

Don't be out foxed.

  • They develop the app first and then try and sell it
  • They use the wrong technology set
  • The target market doesn’t want what you have created
  • There is no target market
  • They try to outsource overseas when they don’t understand the technology
  • They don’t realise that the app is a business
  • They assume that if they build great technology, people will find it, use it, and love it
  • They start marketing after they start making the app

The founder of Dropbox didn’t write a single line of code before he was SURE that his idea was going to work.

Our Step-By-Step Fomula For Success



Identify Business Strategy

How will you make money? What will your app do?


Identify Marketing Strategy

Development is broken down into methodical two-week blocks. You control the speed and costs.


Create early marketing material and mockups


Contact target market directly and gather market research


Revise app strategy / Kill the idea


Attempt to promote & sell the app


Revise app strategy / Kill the idea


Create a promotional landing page website


Start working on Search Engine Optimisation


Begin working on the app

No turning back now!


Regularly update potential customers of progress

Through blog entries and video demonstrations of new features


Promote a limited "Beta" program to potential customers


Revise the app and start locking in features


Lock in features and start polishing the app design


Promote the upcoming launch to everyone who has shown an interest from the previous steps


Launch the app


Start traditional advertising strategies

Wow! That's huge...

Sure is. Making an app a success is not easy, and its a LOT of work. Also note that you don't start creating an app until stage 10. But we have good news...

We can take care of it all for you.

Give us call today for a free, no obligation, consulation. Understandably this service isn't cheap, but when developing an app costs 20k-100k+ taking some steps to prove the idea first is a LOT cheaper. Plus this process starts finding customers immediately so you are up and making a profit sooner.

WeDrive Transport App


Mobile App, Admin System, GPS Tracking

We Drive is a melbourne based transportation company. They provide high-end transportation for corporate events, upscale parties, surgeries where you can’t drive afterwards, etc.

We created the backend and frontend for the entire organization. This includes the customer booking app, the driver console and GPS tracking, the complicated quoting system, the payment integration, etc.

Tech used: NodeJS, Heroku, AngularJS, MessageMedia, Mandrill, Ionic Framework, Protractor Testing, Mocha testing, GPS, and Background GPS tracking.

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Origin Energy WHS App

Origin Energy

In Field WHS App

A mobile app that allows users in the field to fill in workplace health and safety observations with automated generation of date and time, gps location and a reverse lookup to provide a human readable location. The app needed to work offline as it would often be used in remote and regional locations.

The mobile app was produced in both Android and iOS versions.

Trackn Music App


Shared music playlists

SnappyApps was enlisted to create a working prototype Android and iOS app that would allow users to combine their playlists and the app would select music that both users should like based on their shared interests.

The app included a working media player that integrated with the Google Music API and would stream music that was selected using a proprietary algorithm developed by the Trackn team. Some of the key challenges encountered included solving a number of memory leaks and allowing the app to play continuously for hours without stopping.

Key technologies included HTML5 Audio, Cordova Media, Cordova Filesystem, Google Music, Python & PHP

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FX2School Foreign Currency Portal


Student FX Service

FX2School provides students with better value foregin exchange rates when paying for university fees. SnappyApps was approached by FX2School in take over their existing development and to integrate their current site with wordpress so FX2School's staff can take control of the front end of their business.

SnappyApps has also been required to seamlessly integrate their service with DragonPay, a Filipino payment provider and migrate their existing PHP and MySql site to a more reliable server.

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Moved House

A free address redirection service

Moved house provides users with a free service that allows them to notify companies with their previous details to update their records. It uses a lightweight framework that queries the Google Maps service to ensure addresses are uniform and accurate and a NodeJS based api interface that allows organisations to query the database.

With an impressive design and great UI its worth checking out.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Sales leads generation

One of our customers was previously using low cost overseas labour to harvest information off the internet that was changing daily. The collection of this information was the backbone of their business stragegy and it was taking too long to perform and was often delayed.

SnappyApps developed a system for them that worked just like a human would - it visits websites, copy and pastes information and saves it into a database. Best of all this system works around the clock and the results are available immediately for our customer whenever they need them.

If you have some information that needs to be collected off the internet - give us a bell.

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RampUp People Counting Software

RampUp People Counter

Video based people counting software

We developed a windows based video analyser that is able to count the number of patrons exiting or entering a business. It does this by using a video stream such as a security camera or a webcam. This has an added benefit over other systems as it was less sensitive to environmental change and didn't need to be mounted directly on a doorway.

Our system is able to be fine tuned for different distances and sensitivites to gain the maximum accuracy.

CVSignage Solutions iBeacon Demo

CV Signage Solutions

iBeacon prototype &
Visitor sign in app

CV Signage Solutions approached us to use iBeacon Bluetooth technology to detect if a customer is within a certain range, and if they are, display a personalised message on one of their displays. In this case the system would take the users name, and lookup the origin of that name for feedback.

The iBeacon techology can be used to detect users within a store or display advertising on their phones when the user is within the range.

We are one of the only companies developing iBeacon technology in Brisbane. If you want to explore what iBeacon can do you for, please contact us.

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Cordova Media Generator

Popular open source NodeJS program to generate Cordova media for Apps

We are involved in the open source software movement as well. Because we have invested heavily in the Apache Cordova or Adobe Phonegap technology, we have developed a number of tools to help get our job done faster, save you money and produce a higher quality output.

When publishing just an Andoid and iOS app, you need to generate over 64 images for the splash screen and icons. This is to accomodate all of the different screen sizes out there including phones and tablets. You can imagine how much time it would take if you change the logo to generate 64 images again - and thats where our software comes in.

The Cordova Media Generator is one of the most popular tools and we have released it the community.

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